Waste not, want more

No variations on a theme.

A list of things

  • I had a wicked awesome “weekend” that I won’t forget with an incredibly fun friend. I don’t think Kate and I have enjoyed “nothing” like that together since high school. I’m thankful.
  • Taking the time to enjoy smells makes me disproportionately happy. I do have a good nose, which helps. Yes, what I’m trying to say here is essentially that I should “stop and smell the roses”. I’m wordy, it’s not news.
  • In a related strand of thought, Lavender rocks. The scent of lavender. I’ve heard other people say this, but had not knowingly smelled it. Message to the universe: If I’m dying semi-immediately, wrap me in lavender.
  • I’ve discovered a spa so good it surpasses my guilt over excess, luxury, waste and general unsustainable behaviour. Visit Tigh Na Mara Resort‘s Grotto Spa. This doesn’t make it right.
  • Pop references: Damhnait Doyle, the Hogan Family, the Tragically Hip and Glee
  • I dislike the homebuying process. I am also fearful of consequences. There I said it. And to pre-empt comments about how homeowning is always better: I don’t believe you, economically or socially. To oversimplify, “They say most people pay for their home 3 times before it’s paid off.”
  • I have a date this August with the Juan de Fuca Trail. It ain’t backing out this time, or I’ll get mean.
  • Tomorrow I make peanut butter soup. Later I blog about peanut butter soup. This soup speaks to my sense of rebellion and things that aren’t meat and potatoes. I’m a very predictable Generation Y – type. But I like to think I have slightly less sense of entitlement than average.
  • I don’t live alone well, even in the short term. The cat finds me irritating. Her irritation is not a separate issue.

May 5, 2010 - Posted by | Bad TV References, Irritated, Mr. Lonely, Waste

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  1. (sigh)

    It was a good extended weekend of complete fullness of nothingness. Everything I could of dreamed of. Flex, and many cheeses.

    Comment by Katie Chipman | May 6, 2010 | Reply

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