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Freecycle amusement

I’ve written recently about the magic that is freecycle. My latest acquisition is, wait for it, it’s that exciting: Trivial Pursuit. I am apprentice to the Queen of the Dorks.

I love board games AND trivia, so I come by this excitement (dorkishness) naturally. When I saw a post for trivial pursuit near my new home to be I got very excited. You may ask what that looks like:

The easiest way to retrieve the item, which was going to be left in a bag outside the door of a house, would have been to drive to school and pick it up either on the way there or the way back. But it seems just plain wrong to drive to pick up an item small enough to put into a backpack or carry, especially when I could make the great Trivial Pursuit Retrieval a much better adventure if I involve a bike and a trip to yoga to make things interesting.

So, I biked to school as usual. “On the way” home I took a different route, thinking that I’d also check out how I would do the commute to my upcoming new locale. After taking a rather long, but interesting (!) path I did the necessary creep by the new homestead and then got to the home in question. Even though there was no surprise involved I took a great deal of pleasure (too much) in walking up the steps, grabbing the box out of the bag it was in (they could use that bag again!) and going back to my bike. Now, I’d brought along with me a reusable grocery bag that would allow me to hang the box off of my handlebars – there’s nothing like re-invoking that childhood danger as bag gets caught in spokes and child goes flying. But then I realized I could just barely, precariously, attach the box to my bike pannier. I got even more excited!:

*Credit: Katie Chipman

So, I rode not home, but to yoga, because it seemed like a good idea to further complicate things. I kicked the box only occasionally on my ride checking it’s status at red lights. It turned out the additional dork-knot that I tied didn’t even become necessary along the way. I think I was the only one to show up with a board game to yoga, but otherwise things went smoothly. I got home almost as pleased about the little excursion as I was about the free game that has a ridiculous number of questions referring to 1950s movies and mild American political intrigue from the Cold War era. At some point there may be new cards in the cards, but in the meantime – did you know that Cleopatra was the 1963 Joseph L. Makiewicz film that cost $28 million?

Now there’s a continuous game going on the kitchen table – who ever let stuff to do get in the way of a constant trivial pursuit match?

June 2, 2010 - Posted by | Childhood Complaints, Consumption, Cycling


  1. Absolutely LOVE this entry.

    Comment by Katie Chipman | June 2, 2010 | Reply

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