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Words (and other things resembling words) that warm my cockles: 1

(As a lover of words, phrases, lyrics, plays on words and so on, and someone seeking ways to better celebrate the little things, I’ve decided to develop a series dedicated especially to these linguistic trinkets.)


I think I decided rhythm was my favourite word sometime in high school. I like it’s symmetry. Two syllables, both of 3 letters, both with an “h” in the middle. I like that it seems to break rules about vowels and such, even though that sneaky “y” keeps it in line. I like that there’s nothing between the “th” and the “m” –  it seems ba-ad.

But best of all is the way the word sounds and feels when you say it. Sometimes I think it mimics the thumps of the heart. If you say it aloud a few times in a row, I’m reminded of a chilled-out frog being itself.


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