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The Rotten Fruits of my Labour

A self-hater would stop working so that she can spend four days painting right before Christmas. Yep, it was awesome. First victim = kitchen. Goal 1: Somehow tone down/neutralize that painful 90s powder blue paint, counter and tile. Brown methinks.

Kitchen - before

Kitchen - before

Admittedly, my before pictures are pretty akin to those pictures you see in brutal ads that compare the non-made up, no hair style pre-bowflex/ab-cruncher/whonoswhut person with a glamour model. I am not trying to sway the audience of two, I just forgot to take the pictures sooner. Now for the bedroom. Goal 2: Teenage vindication against the white-ish wall.

Bedroom - before

Bedroom - before

Alas, this is where the joy in this post ends. Against all my convictions, I did not follow my paint instincts. Lesson learned. Our bathrooms also have the horrid powder blue counters but the cupboards are brown and this works okay for me. I wanted to do the same brown in the kitchen but was warned numerous times of making the room too dark. I heard it enough that I actually took heed. But how, I ask, can I possibly become less stubborn if it doesn’t pay off to listen to people? Now it looks “contemporary 90s” – and slightly purple. And the tile still has to go.

Kitchen - after

Kitchen - after

After the kitchen disappointment – it’s fine, but I’m not loving it like I love the creamsicle – I started on the bedroom. Yup, I’ve been waiting a long time for this moment. For those of you wondering, there’s something vindicating about smearing a blood look-alike on your walls. Maybe that’s just me.

Such a rebel

On the up side, the bedroom is the colour I intended. Downside? It was the most impossible paint in the world. 3 days and 4 – yes 4 (grr) – coats later there are more offensive bloody drips and other errors to constitute some sort of indictable paint offence. I even managed to get the carpet. Of course, I could have prevented some of this by priming. All tolled, there is a significant damper on my toil. But in low lighting and after all of those caveats I do like it.

Bedroom - after

I’ve also developed a sympathy for realty photographers. It is impossible to make a room look normal without the appropriate lens.


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  1. LOVE the red, especially in a bedroom. And just so you know: Red is brutal in all types of paints and dyes. That’s because the molecule is structured differently than other colours and doesn’t bind to itself/other things as well as it could. This is why it takes 4 coats of paint to cover a wall, and it’s also why being a bottled-redhead takes so much maintenancel. Science lesson for the day! 🙂

    Comment by Dana | December 22, 2010 | Reply

  2. I too love the red! Like LOVE the red! Good job Rosey, as for the kitchen you’d be surprised how much you’d like the paint color if the tiles weren’t the color they were- just fyi… if anything, change tile before repainting.

    Comment by Katie Chipman | December 22, 2010 | Reply

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