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Bytes and Pieces

I’m aware that this isn’t a hip topic however I almost had a wordpress fit today and if I don’t mention it it will feel very dishonest. Why does nobody else have these problems? Fit mentioned. It’s never a good sign when I have to apologize at the beginning of a post.

I’m awfully discombobulated. I went out on Thursday, which happens beyond never. There were three of us. There was kitty visiting, dinner out, a few gin and tonics, then back to someone’s house for a snack, more drinks, and sitting out on the porch with blankets on (it’s Victoria after all) for another few hours. We took taxis everywhere. I got home at 2:30. I couldn’t figure out if I was 18 again or 51. I had a really great time.

I’m almost done my third and final co-op term. It’s been a crazy experience filled with really great people, lots of learning, and even more self doubt. All of this means I’m tired.

Me and anonymous people head to the states for two weeks of excessive national park and butt in the car time. Probably some sweating too. This induces some guilt because we should probably go home and spend that time, or some of it, with family. Some of us don’t understand about guilt. I am not some of us.

Back to heading south: Who needs air conditioning? Which reminds me, we had actually forgotten how fun it is to have music in the car. We’d been running on radio only for about two years. 10 hour trips to the interior were the worst. Otherwise, things didn’t seem that bad. There’s radio a lot of the way, etc. Though I have low tolerance for non-CBC radio. Big problems like that. But, a la 1994, we went and bought a stereo for our car. It wasn’t expensive, but it’s still probably worth almost as much as our car. Next battle? Actually organizing our music to listen to it in our car. Old computer (5 years) with old operating system (same) with old version of itunes (since the last time it let us download the update) will not talk to new ipod. In steps computer number 2 which is newer (2.5 years), has a completely functioning version of itunes, and very little of our music. This is not hard, or a real person’s problem, but it’s tripping up stereo enjoyment something fierce.

What’s my point?

I find this whole situation reaffirming my buy little and deal with it approach. Buying one thing leads me to feel like I need something else that I didn’t feel like I needed five minutes ago. Like that shirt I buy ’cause I love it and then realize everything I own looks hideous with it, in part, because I don’t have many clothes (though my closet’s still full- how does that happen?). They’re tricky those capitalists. I waver between wanting to live in the comfortable equivalent to a burlap sack and going chic.

Oh and is there any merit in skipping the compost middle man and putting vegetable cuttings, for example, straight into your dirt when you plant something? I’m not sure who’s supposed to answer that.

Farmer’s market food is giving me great pleasure. Fava beans, summer squash and cherry tomatoes. Dinner is calling my name.


July 30, 2011 - Posted by | Consumption, Doing it the hard way, Portuguese-ness?


  1. How about you just relax..and very happy about the 18 year old early home arrival.

    Comment by Katie Chipman | July 30, 2011 | Reply

  2. I like this beatnik (beatniq?) style of writing! I feel like I should be in some poetry cafe, absorbing spoken word and feeling hip like the young kids do these days. Alas. I am 80 million years old and fail technology as well. I don’t even HAVE itunes. Our car stereo plays our cassettes just fine. 🙂

    Comment by Dana | August 10, 2011 | Reply

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