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Stewing Without the Beef

While painfully trying to complete my schoolwork without getting too sidetracked by tangential thoughts about everything that wasn’t what I was doing, I created a number of lists of things that would be fun to do when no longer trapped. Among them was a list of blog post ideas – the sort of thing that in days gone by (i.e. September to November, my only uber consistent blogging in history) would have resulted in an immediate, pithy draft about the matter at hand. I look at the list now and wonder, how on earth did I intend to come up with an interesting post about “What I love about the Christmas tree”? I’m sure it was brilliant, but I know not.

Interruption: I should stop here to acknowledge that I am in fact done that school-like thing that I was doing for the last few years. My post-exam elation was followed by a tremendous kick in painful places that brought me crashing down to Realityville. Nothing tragic, just a closer look at the paper I had yet to finish and the many useful, intelligent, utterly overwhelming comments on a draft. That was 40 agonizing pages of my life that I will never get back. I do not regret it, but it was tough. And anti-climactic. I finished just in time to recover it (with help) from the nether-regions of MS Word evil, email it, praise the universe and get to the shower for a real live theatre production (so much fun) that only extended my feeling of floating in between window panes, seeing everything but unable to escape. The point is, I am happy, but I am many other things too. And I’m giving myself time to feel those other things and not be upset with myself about it. Let the morbid me be for now. [It strikes me that I’ve made it sound as though there was a real live theatre performance in my shower. Sadly, it was just me cleaning my greasy self. The real life theatre performance was a splendid staging of Jitters, a three act Canadian play about egos, reviews, stage fright, “making it” in Canada, playing it up for producers and getting along.] Digression is a magical thing…

I’m still stewing on a number of the topics, including a new one presented to me today thanks to Dana. But one topic I need to deal with now for ritualistic purposes: at the top of my blog to be list, or almost at the top, is “Goodby Studenthood” (either I didn’t have the time to correct my spelling or I was being too brilliant about something else to notice at the time). It’s time dear friends, for me to go post-student.

Step #1: The dreaded sweatband featured here is a relic of my undergrad days. I bought it in first year for a Richard Simmons Halloween costume (so sad that I don’t have a scanner). It somehow morphed into my study band, only to be worn once things got desperate, always upside down (damn the man and all that). The sweatband is being ritually burned this week. I would post pictures but my camera is still languishing sadly in Calgary. Documented or not, the burning will happen.

Step #2: I have to change my about page to reflect this new post-student life. It will take skill and determination, but I will do my best. I should also change my avatar since it too features the sweatband [I suppose once this is published these matters will no longer be in evidence].

Step #3: I have to organize all of my binders, course packs and other student paraphernalia into two categories: the limited number of things I am keeping and everything else. The everything else then gets given away, sold, or calendarized (seriously, it’s happening) to be sold at some relevant time when people might actually want to buy Remedies: the Law of Damages.

Step #4: I must post a damning eff you to studenthood, despite the fact that I am still for many purposes considered a student for the next year. Me oh my. Can you feel the anticipation?

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  1. These sound like excellent plans–though I would like to see photos of the headband burning. Congrats, my friend, on completing. So what will you do next?

    Comment by Kathryn McCullough | December 21, 2011 | Reply

    • I have a few weeks to relax, which for me always means trying not to take on a bunch of stuff, and then I start work for a year. I know what I’m doing with my life until about January 2013, which is about the right amount of time for me right now. Small blessings to be counted. Thank you!

      Comment by Rose | December 21, 2011 | Reply

  2. Yay! And student-hood definitely deserves a little eff you now and again.

    Comment by lifeandothermisadventures | December 21, 2011 | Reply

  3. 🙂 Stay tuned…

    Comment by Rose | December 21, 2011 | Reply

  4. Way to stew! I would also like to see photos of the ritualistic headband burning. 🙂

    Comment by Dana | December 22, 2011 | Reply

    • Sad, no? I’ve since learned that breathing in that polyester smoke was probably not a good idea…

      Comment by Rose | January 3, 2012 | Reply

  5. I came here via Kathy and Dana, and am still grinning trying to imagine your blog about the Christmas tree. What has been your area of study? I shall go searching here some more, to see if I can find it.

    Comment by Kathy | January 1, 2012 | Reply

    • Thank you so much for visiting, Kathy. Happy New Year! That Christmas tree post was going to be genius, I’m sure. Did you end up finding your answer?

      Comment by Rose | January 3, 2012 | Reply

      • Law! Law! (A little rose bird told me…)

        Comment by Kathy | January 3, 2012

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