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Temporary Surfacing

At the risk of sounding like I think that making an appearance on my blog is equivalent to washing up on shore after the sinking of the Titanic…I’m back! Sadly, I suspect, I’m not actually back, but am pleased to visit.

Reasons for my absence?

  • I’m busy. Soooooo? Apparently I’m busier than before to knock the blog off the to-do list.
  • I’ve made other priorities. Like? When I’m not working I’m no longer on the computer. I spend almost no time on it at all, for better or worse. In some ways this has been freeing. I did a great deal of spring cleaning, cooking, getting rid of stuff (it’s probably creepy how much I’ve been enjoying this), visiting, buying much-needed household appliances, and other fun things.
  • I’ve been avoiding my blog. The longer I wait the harder it is to come back. But why?
  • Because at least 50% of my blogging fun comes from reading other people’s blogs. I feel like a hypocrite for writing and hoping people will read mine when I’m not reading theirs. I know it’s not exactly a formal agreement, but it takes the fun out of it for me. With so little time to blog/read blogs, it’s been easier to do neither.

So, while in the constant search for blog balance, which I obviously haven’t found in the last three months, I will continue to mull over how I can make this work for me, once I have a little more time to actually

The hardest part? I was finally getting to a place where I was happier with my blogging and the community I was enjoying. I’m saddened that I’ll have to work up my energies and my knowledge of what’s going on with people again.

I am, of course, making choices. I’m grateful that the choice is mine. Right now it feels right to avoid the computer so I’m going to go with that for now.

This blog will now return to its regularly scheduled writing avoidance and denial for the short term. To those of you still holding on for the ride, thanks for your tight grip. I hope you’re all well.

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