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Celebrating a Few Little Things

I’m very tired but imagine I will have even less energy in future evenings. I’m aiming to post twice a week for the foreseeable future. With that in mind, I wanted to host a mini-celebration of things that are pleasing me, before things fall off the rails and I beat myself up for not being able to feel superwomanly.

  • Tomorrow’s dinner is complete in crock pot in fridge, awaiting the morning.
  • There’s a salt chocolate bar with my name on it on the desk. I don’t even have to eat any of it. The fact that it is there is so pleasing.
  • I survived my first day. I’m not mortified to return.
  • I can wear something tomorrow that does not require ironing.
  • My legs hurt in a good way. Even though I’m not sure when I’m going to use them again. I will enjoy that.
  • The shower will be back up and running tomorrow morning. This is something for which everyone the world over should be thankful.
  • The dishwasher is doing its thing.
  • The kitchen doesn’t look like someone was sick. I am always happier when the kitchen is presentable. Sad, but true.
  • I have two upcoming weekends of fun and adventure/relaxation planned.
  • Time for bed!

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Oh, how I have been craving this time. I’m thoroughly enjoying it, too!

After an unexpected busy semester at school and feeling like summer happened without my usual supervision, I have settled nicely into my two and a half weeks off. The hike to a deep, dark place accomplished, I’ve moved on to trying to get this new apartment in some sort of order. I mourned being unable to sort through my boxes of junk and purge as needed before the move. Besides hating moving more boxes than necessary, I love and usually spend a month on the opportunity that moving provides for cleansing the closet, and my cluttered heart. I swear, I can feel clutter in my heart.

2 days of this process has left me elated. I’ve emptied/recycled about 15 boxes/tubs, from elementary school assignments to candles and a shower curtain, much of which is being freecycled. I learned that most of my bulk exists in the form of education-related materials. Other people have trophies and toys, I have paper and a few books. Rather I had them, with the exception of a few samples for the potential curiosity of any future progeny (I always wished my parents had stuff like that I could look at) and all of my papers, which I just can’t part with as I’m kind of possess-y over intellectual property. With reckless abandon I’ve finally figured out how to deal with that random stuff from childhood that I just can’t get rid of. I get 1 box that might as well be labelled “nostalgia” (to me nostalgia is purple) composed mostly of childhood drawings and writings, it also includes a pair of my aunt’s platform shoes which technically fit but will never be worn. Now, I’m almost ready to paint the bedrooms at least. I may even accomplish that this week, though probably not.

But first, I must explain my excitement over my pièce de moving and organizing résistance, my tv cabinet turned bookshelf. I’ve been dying for an awesome bookshelf, but guilting over being broke and having other furniture that was underutilized, like the cabinet (the TV, VCR, and DVD player were all disposed of in the move). My experiment of using the cabinet as a clothes dresser failed miserably but I was determined to keep this thing that I love. I knew I could make it work if I could just find a free-standing shelf that fit into it. After a number of attempts to find one, I realized I was going to have to make it myself.

I can now say that I know how to go to a hardware store, explain what I want and have them explain it back to me like a tool (because that’s how dumb I am, not because they were being belittling), get the wood cut, and drive off with it in my car. $14, 5 pieces of wood, 8 nails and 300 hammer swings later, I had exactly what I needed + a lovely pine smell.

After a couple of rearrangings, I managed to get all of our books in and am very pleased with the results. I feel particularly Masterpiece Theatre when I swing it around to look at something in the back.

Innocuous furniture supporting uber-dated stereo. (Aside: As I was taking this picture the radio broadcaster I was listening to discussed the green book, Late Nights on Air by Elizabeth Hay).

Front - Books!

Back - Slightly messier books

The swing-away effect

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Damien the Dishwasher

I’ve never lived with a dishwasher before even as a kid, unless you count the human kind. I’m not a huge proponent, given all the water usage. I imagine it’s something I’ll appreciate when family comes to visit and so forth. But most of the time, I’d rather just do the dishes myself. Unfortunately, other hypothetical people don’t agree.

My problems? you may wonder…yet another bulleted list:

  • I don’t have that many dishes, so it’s hard to actually fill a load before needing what’s in there again
  • I use a ton of containers that are too light to wash in the dishwasher and tend to pool water even when they don’t flip over like a pool of yuckiness so I have constant arguments with myself over what to wash by hand and what to load, not loading them makes it even harder to fill and you can see how this can go on…
  • water spots
  • the noise. That sounds cranky, but the noise makes me feel guilty about the excess water consumption
  • the space restrictions. I use more bowl-like things than flat-like things so it’s hard to fill the bottom rack
  • I have an obsessive master-packer problem that mostly doesn’t interfere with my life. Suitcases, boxes and dishracks have all been a source of joy in the past. However, finding the “best way” to fit things together becomes more like a penitence when I fight daily with the dishwasher over its inflexible hold over me.

Crown Jewel of Master Packing/Stacking

For those who think that water worries are unwarranted, I’m feeling impatient today so I’ll just say you’re wrong:

“From an ecological perspective, we have no water to spare. Canada has 7% of the world’s land mass and about 6.5% of the world’s renewable supply of water – meaning we have just about enough water to meet the ecological needs of our land mass (Institute for Research on Public Policy, Canada’s Water Challenges). To complicate matters, the renewable supply of water is expected to decrease with climate change (Natural Resources Canada, Canada’s Water Budget).” http://www.flowcanada.org/security/water-matters/environment

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All of these things fit together, I promise

A couple of weeks of school seems to have sucked up any energy available for even my drive-by creativity: blogging. Unlike others, I don’t actually feel as though school encourages only the non-creative aspects of my brain. I do use those for trying to understand information, imagine the other side of an issue, and coming up with unique solutions. But all that thinking drains my energy something fierce.

To combat this and the constant pain in my lower back (come on, mattress!) I’ve finally allowed myself the luxury of a 4-month yoga membership. This is insanely exciting for me; I’m not using the word luxury lightly. Yoga has always felt like a luxury to me, and given that people living on a couple of dollars a day probably don’t spend their money on fitness, I don’t think I’m too far off. But to go more than once a week feels positively luscious (and a touch guilt-inducing). And not because of the money spent. The time to focus on myself and my body and the voice of the instructor without (in theory) sorting out my day, planning dinner, making mental lists, or imagining conversations is a gift to me from me.

The upsetting part of my yoga re-uptake is that I’ve realized what a sad state of affairs my body is in. Cycling has kept me from wheezing my way up one flight of stairs but my core is weak (oh, hello back pain!) and I’m inflexible. Things that I could do before with some ease are either challenging or pushing it. Things I could barely do before are in a definite no-go zone for now. On the upside, the couple of classes I have attended seem to have already had a positive impact on my back AND I still love it even if I feel a little like I’m sweating to the oldies when everyone else is falling asleep:

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