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Temporary Surfacing

At the risk of sounding like I think that making an appearance on my blog is equivalent to washing up on shore after the sinking of the Titanic…I’m back! Sadly, I suspect, I’m not actually back, but am pleased to visit.

Reasons for my absence?

  • I’m busy. Soooooo? Apparently I’m busier than before to knock the blog off the to-do list.
  • I’ve made other priorities. Like? When I’m not working I’m no longer on the computer. I spend almost no time on it at all, for better or worse. In some ways this has been freeing. I did a great deal of spring cleaning, cooking, getting rid of stuff (it’s probably creepy how much I’ve been enjoying this), visiting, buying much-needed household appliances, and other fun things.
  • I’ve been avoiding my blog. The longer I wait the harder it is to come back. But why?
  • Because at least 50% of my blogging fun comes from reading other people’s blogs. I feel like a hypocrite for writing and hoping people will read mine when I’m not reading theirs. I know it’s not exactly a formal agreement, but it takes the fun out of it for me. With so little time to blog/read blogs, it’s been easier to do neither.

So, while in the constant search for blog balance, which I obviously haven’t found in the last three months, I will continue to mull over how I can make this work for me, once I have a little more time to actually

The hardest part? I was finally getting to a place where I was happier with my blogging and the community I was enjoying. I’m saddened that I’ll have to work up my energies and my knowledge of what’s going on with people again.

I am, of course, making choices. I’m grateful that the choice is mine. Right now it feels right to avoid the computer so I’m going to go with that for now.

This blog will now return to its regularly scheduled writing avoidance and denial for the short term. To those of you still holding on for the ride, thanks for your tight grip. I hope you’re all well.

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The ‘Still Living’ Update

Currently, I’m working too late, being ineffective once I get home, maybe cooking or shopping and maybe sleeping as much as I would like or not. There is little chore-doing or exercising. Little = none of either.

And I have another weekend of busy time on the horizon. But after that it’s smooth sailing right? Thought so.

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Celebrating a Few Little Things

I’m very tired but imagine I will have even less energy in future evenings. I’m aiming to post twice a week for the foreseeable future. With that in mind, I wanted to host a mini-celebration of things that are pleasing me, before things fall off the rails and I beat myself up for not being able to feel superwomanly.

  • Tomorrow’s dinner is complete in crock pot in fridge, awaiting the morning.
  • There’s a salt chocolate bar with my name on it on the desk. I don’t even have to eat any of it. The fact that it is there is so pleasing.
  • I survived my first day. I’m not mortified to return.
  • I can wear something tomorrow that does not require ironing.
  • My legs hurt in a good way. Even though I’m not sure when I’m going to use them again. I will enjoy that.
  • The shower will be back up and running tomorrow morning. This is something for which everyone the world over should be thankful.
  • The dishwasher is doing its thing.
  • The kitchen doesn’t look like someone was sick. I am always happier when the kitchen is presentable. Sad, but true.
  • I have two upcoming weekends of fun and adventure/relaxation planned.
  • Time for bed!

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Sick and cranky, original I know

I’ve been laid up for the last day and a half, which is not awesome, but I’m trying to roll with it. Besides not finding myself overly able to get any school reading done, I am sore as all get up from lollygagging in bed so much. I feel like someone kicked me in the back 5 or 6 times with steel-toed boots. But I’ll live.

In the meantime, I am really enjoying the occasional sound of the weather kicking butt, mostly in the form of really gusty wind. No harm meant to those without power right now, and it’s very easy to say this from my cosy bed but… I love it when the weather shows us who’s boss. Really love it. Is anti-hubris a word?

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Just Overshoot Me

What follows includes an offensive amount of cheese and brackets. Today, I will not apologize. Check back tomorrow.

I am a hesitant reader of non-fiction. Like opera, I can appreciate its value but reap little enjoyment. Despite my desire to be truly post-modern, I really enjoy a “clear” but fictionalized narrative. I want a story, with a beginning, end and a bunch of intriguing thoughts sprinkled throughout like candy at a parade. I don’t mind intriguing thoughts being thrown at my head. Such books feel like pure Creation with a capital rainbow. (I am currently resisting the urge to link to Kermit the Frog singing the Rainbow Connection. Thank me later).

Despite this fiction obsession, I was telling some aged environmental gentlefolk of my interest in hearing from or reading something of a different sort. I had spent months reading environmental and political news without seeing anybody discussing the fact that there is a finite amount of everything on this earth (except maybe love and road rage) and that we are quickly working ourselves into some potentially dreadful results (this is me avoiding terms like “mass hysteria” and “earth-sized mound of chicken poo”). These two dudes recognized my ignorance and my failure to be around in the 70s and took the opportunity to recommend a couple of books for me to read: Limits to Growth and Our Ecological Footprint. And oh, did I read.

Our Ecological Footprint introduced the mainstream to the idea that everything we do leaves a crap-patch on the earth the size of which is within our control, to put it in articulate terms. Despite all the cartoons and “let me break it down for you” moments, I found it difficult to read. For me, reading about science is like sewing about sex. I do not compute. That said, I did get through it in a few weeks with some new tools and language to use when discussing that thing I’ve never been able to describe beyond saying, “stuff can’t just keep growing.”

Limits to Growth was a more formidable challenge – I want to say 3 or so months – that included a lot of swearing while holding the book. And that’s a book I wanted to read. Just imagine what I was like when my boss handed me The Tipping Point, a book that still sends my pulse soaring, probably mainly because of Malcolm Gladwell’s slam on Sesame Street (or maybe for other less personal reasons). I got a lot of really good sleep during the Limits to Growth period, though that eventually ended when I finished the book. That said, certain ideas really clicked for me. I earned the language to further discuss my irritation with the meta-b.s. (google it) of never-ending progress that normally gets me incoherently, um, RAGE-rific. There were a couple of pieces that really stuck with me. In one particular spot I found the explanation of “overshoot,” a fundamental concept when talking about the world eventually wretching all over me (as I picture it), particularly useful. Maybe I liked the not-quite-irony of it too. I have sat on this quote long enough that it has lost some of its lustre. Though the a-ha moment has dimmed, I still find it really comforting, but not.

“The final contributor to overshoot is the pursuit of growth. If you were driving a car with fogged windows or faulty brakes, the first thing you would do to avoid overshoot would be to slow down. You would certainly not insist on accelerating. Delay in feedback can be handled as long as the system is not moving too fast to receive signals and respond before it hits the limit. Constant acceleration will take any system, no matter how clever and farsighted and well-designed, to the point where it can’t react in time. Even a car and driver functioning perfectly are unsafe at high speeds. The faster the speed, the higher the overshoot, and the farther the fall.”

Limits to Growth the 30 Year Update, p. 175

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Please join me in a shared scream…

This scream is not to be confused with a shared om or a lovely and calming chant. This scream offers none of the same zen-like qualities or sense of communal love. This scream has no sense of decorum or propriety (i.e. obscenities are encouraged and sounds from the exorcist are welcome). This scream should hurt your throat and make your eyes bug out. This scream rivals one of those bone-chilling blood-curdlers that takes days to leave your ears.

Feel welcome to join my self-indulgent whine fest:


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